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    Exclamation wifi speeds

    What a Wifi repeater/extender slow down the wifi speeds?

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    The installation of the model we have chosen is quite simple and only requires a good five minutes. Here's how.

    1 - Choose your extension
    All repeaters work differently. We selected the TP-Link WA850RE, because it is particularly simple to install, and because at 20 euros it's price/quality ratio is excellent. This manual is based on this model, which is enough to fully exploit the speed of the majority of Internet boxes. It may be a little late to order it online, but it is available in stores at Electro depot ( 89 stores in France ).

    Note, however, that a slightly improved range can be obtained with a repeater like the TP-Link RE305 or the Netgear EX6130, two more expensive models (50 euros) and more complicated to install, the instructions for which we will not detail here... They both have a complementary quality: they know better how to exploit the speed of Internet connections by fiber. To get the best out of it, however, you need to lay an Internet cable for a few meters, which is even more complicated.

    2 - Choose the method that suits your box
    It would be convenient for your box to be fitted with a WPS button: this button greatly simplifies installation. Most boxes have it at the front or rear of the box. Unfortunately, this button does not always have the name WPS, it is sometimes called "Wifi", or more simply symbolized by the design of an antenna which emits waves. If your box has one, go to step 3, otherwise, go to step 4.

    3 - The short method
    Connect the WA850RE repeater to an electrical outlet located in the same room as the box. Press the WPS button: you can now connect to Wi-Fi without a password for two minutes. Press the single button on the repeater: the “RE” indicator should light up within one minute. If this is the case go to step 5, otherwise go to step 4.

    4 - The long method
    Connect the WA850RE repeater to an electrical outlet located a few meters from the Internet box. Start a computer with a Wi-Fi antenna and open the menu that lists the Wi-Fi antennas available in the vicinity. Connect to the network with the name "Wifi TP-link_extender" (followed by several characters).

    Open your browser and type in the URL bar. Two boxes appear: type the word "admin" in each of them and press the green "Login" button. In the "New username" box, type a pseudonym of your choice. In the "New Password" box, enter a password of your choice. Type the same password in the "Confirm Password" box and press the green "Confirm" key.

    Wait a few seconds: the repeater scans the surrounding Wi-Fi networks. Click on the name of the Wi-Fi network of the Internet box. A box is displayed just below: type the Wi-Fi password for this same box. Click on the green “Next” button, then again, and finally on “Save”. Wait two minutes and click "Finish". Go to step 5.

    5 - Finalize the installation
    Check the number of bright spots that appear on the repeater, just to the right of the button. As you are very close to your Internet box, the reception is necessarily very good: the dots are probably five in number. Unplug your repeater from the power outlet and move away to the area of ​​your home where the Wi-Fi connection is poor, if at all.

    Stop two-thirds of the way. Connect the router to a clear socket, if possible at height. Wait two minutes. If three or four light points are on, that's fine. If only one or two are on, the Internet connection is too weak. Go back a few meters, find another socket, and repeat the operation to obtain at least three small light points.

    6 - Take advantage of the new Wi-Fi
    You have nothing more to do. Now, in the most distant corners of the accommodation, the devices used to connect to the Wi-Fi of the box will automatically find the repeater, because it now has exactly the same name as the box, and its password is identical.

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