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    Question video editor

    which one best a video editor software in Computer?

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    filmora is the best free video editing software for computers.

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    Movavi Video Converter
    Available in free and paid versions, Movavi proves to be relatively easy to use editing software. It also works well on computers running Windows or Mac OS. It allows, even or amateur, to make video montages in just a few steps. Broadly speaking, Movavi includes a few features:
    Import of images and videos for the realization of the assembly. This software supports several types of formats.
    Cropping video clips. The software also allows you to split part of a video.
    Changing the sharpness, brightness, and sharpness of a video to improve its quality. It is also possible to stabilize a video thanks to a reduction in the tremors caused by camera movements, always for improvement of the quality.
    Gather images with videos, with the possibility of putting transitions.
    Adding filters, soundtrack or titles on video clips.
    Voice-over recording to integrate into videos.
    Edit and improve the sound of a video using predefined settings, adding audio effects or integrated optimization options.
    Quick conversion of video or audio files to other formats. The conversion processing time is accelerated with the SuperSpeed ​​technology integrated into the software.

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