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    Remove Hair

    How Can I Remove hair from my chest?

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    The hair on the breasts, how to get rid of it?
    You will understand, to get rid of the hairs on the breasts, the best way is to treat the problem at the cause. After carrying out a blood test, your gynecologist can offer you an adapted hormonal treatment, which can stop the growth of hair on the breasts and between the breasts.

    If the hormonal solution is not possible, you can wax yourself. Attention, shaving is to be excluded because the hairs will grow thicker and darker. The wax should also be forgotten, as it is far too aggressive for this very sensitive area. Two techniques can be useful to get rid of hair on the breasts: the laser, or electric hair removal.
    Both techniques are practiced at a dermatologist or at an aesthetic doctor. The laser is quite expensive (60 € per session on average), but it allows long-term hair removal and the pain is relatively bearable. Areolas are a difficult area to depilate, so you will need to be patient: laser hair removal can take 6 to 8 sessions.

    Electric hair removal is more painful and also requires a few sessions, on the other hand, it can make it possible to overcome resistant hairs, which could not have been eliminated by laser.

    For the coziest, there are creams whose active ingredient blocks testosterone. When applied locally to the chest, they can be very effective!

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