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Thread: Is using Mobile Phone And other accessorizes is Harmful for Human Eyes?

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    Is using Mobile Phone And other accessorizes is Harmful for Human Eyes?

    Can anyone answer my question?
    Cause, I am an addict of Moblie phone & Laptop As well & also a bit conscious about my eyes.
    Because Eyes are one of the most beautiful blessings of Allah. Therefore, I want it to keep safe and Secure.

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    Digital Screen release UV light which is harmful for human eye but the Amount of UV rays Depend on the time you spend at watching Screen.

    At the end Yes Using Mobile or computer or other digital accessorizes could cause of the eye damaged and Blindness As well, So, don't waste your precious eyes stay save and Happy.

    If you have such an important thing to do or your official work or business is depend totally on Computer, There is a solution According to experts you should not spend hours and hours while watching screen, After every 20 min you should see around yourself at least 20 feet away and focus on anything for minimum 5 Sec. This is the simple solution to save you vision from get blurry or damaged.

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    Yes, using Mobile Phone And other accessorizes is Harmful to Human Eyes. Study Cell Phone Radiation Can Damage Eyes Cause Early Cataracts. The scientists, who have studied the impact of electromagnetic waves on the human eye, say that cell phone usage can also lead to early cataracts in the lens apart from affecting the retina, cornea and other ocular systems of the eye.

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